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Short Articles and Bot-pouri contributed by students

Short Articles

Adhiya farming- a ‘not-so-equal’ half farming

Garima Singh, M.Sc. (F), 2020-22, Department of Botany

    ‘Adhiya farming’, a tenurial arrangement practised in Madhya Pradesh and parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh, has become a source of exploitation of landless cultivators at the hands of landowners. It involves a verbal agreement between the landowner and the cultivator who is need of land, under which they decide upon a predetermined sharing of input and output. The cost of farming is shared in half by the ‘maalik’ and the tenant, and profit from the harvest is divided equally. It is however, the tenant farmer who se labour is involved in this field.

Blooming journey of botany

Meghna Verma, M.Sc.(F), 2020-22, Department of Botany

    Botany- the study of plants, is more than just a subject. Botany deals with the fundamentals of life. A botanist is not just a person who studies botany but a curious traveller of the unexplored paths of botany on his/her way to discover the untouched beauty of nature. Botanists are the builders of the bridge of resources and knowledge between the plants and the human society. They are the vital medium of communication between plants and the society. At each step we tend to find the secret behind every aspect of a plant, for instance, the reason that plants grow was discovered by a very interesting experiment to deny the primitively accepted fact that plants grow by eating soil in 17 th century


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